Women’s Digital Network was created to empower women to become confident digital leaders through networking, events, and learning opportunities. With a strong network and great partners we believe in giving women the resources to be successful in digital careers. Join us!

Women’s Digital Network (WDN) is designed for women who want networking and learning opportunities across the digital ecosystem. We see digital as a how more than a what.  Our events are introductions, not intensive study courses, where experts present on everything from strategy about digital applications such as marketing and media to technologies such as AI, VR, IoT and digital process such as e-commerce and digital customer experience. And, we always include time for socializing!


1. Provide Networking opportunities for women in, or interested in joining, the digital field

2. Provide Learning opportunities across the digital ecosystem

3. Create a Mentoring environment among our members

4. Become a valued Partner for other local and international digital and STEM organizations


To empower women to become knowledgeable in global digital trends while providing opportunities for advancement


WDN will become a hub for women to acquire knowledge and experience to become strong digital leaders.


Openness:  All ideas are welcome and valued

Be Yourself: We are very informal, we want our members to be comfortable

Enhancement: We want every event to enhance our members knowledge in an area of digital interest

Support: We support each other individually and as a community

Inclusiveness: All are welcome to join and attend our events (including men)