Sapna has two decades of domestic and international management consulting Sapna Malhotraexperience in sales and business operations in the technology, financial services and telecommunications industries.

Sapna has significant experience in leading large scale business & IT transformations to deliver consistent end-user experience in demanding environments. She has global experience working with companies such as Rogers, U.S. Cellular, Virgin Media, Vodafone UK, Everything Everywhere, France Telecom, Orange Swiss, BT, Royal Bank of Canada, Standard Bank of South Africa, TD, BMO and CIBC.

Most recently, Sapna is the founder of Digiruptor Consulting, which focuses on translating an organization’s technology, corporate strategy and communications to improve its interaction with customers.

She is a globally recognized and certified management consultant (CMC), Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). She also holds a certificate in Change Management Leadership, Lean Six Sigma accreditation and DevOps & UX Design foundation certifications.

Sapna enjoys walking around like a tourist, hiking, dancing and doing Pilates.  Brunch is her favourite meal.

Janice Kong – Director of Finance

Janice is all about efficiency and can’t get enough of how digital capabilities can be leveraged to streamline workflows, drive better decision making, democratize knowledge, and to create new networks.

With her life faJanice Kongcilitated by the Internet, Janice is keen to join Women’s Digital Network so as to help others recognize the power of technology to make sweeping changes in our interaction with the world. Building strength in numbers, she is here to help empower others to evolve with the digital age, overturn untapped potential and foster innovation.

Janice currently works in accounting and is also creating work for herself in the digital space. She is blessed with a supportive group of like-minded peers and is enjoying every moment of the journey. She also likes to indulge in the finer things in life such as green tea, coffee and dark chocolate. Her hobbies include Pilates, barre, squash, landscape photography and travel.


Barbara is passionate about creating opportunities for women to discover the emerging digital world – from innovations in tech, to digital strategies to disrupting processes. And, she loves to network!

In her day-job, she helps brands build and engage with their communities. Adept with media, marketing and content creation, she has contributed to projects in healthcare, technology, finance, the environment and publishing.

An award-winning writer, Barbara’s career began in Toronto as a successful magazine writer and broadcaster. She has published work in most leading Canadian magazines and was a regular on-air contributor to CBC Radio before moving to corporate communications.

She is the former publisher and editor of, an online magazine of news and views in south Grey County, Ontario.

Currently, she lives in Toronto and leads Make Hay Communications. 


StephanieStephanie is a consultative sales professional, having close to a decade of experience working with cloud and SAAS solutions, biometrics, mobile app development, and engineering services.  After working for for four years, Stephanie decided to join Toronto’s booming start up community and has been a founding member of several of Toronto’s growing tech companies  in business development and sales.

Stephanie is a graduate of York University with an honours degree in Foreign Languages.  She’s a polyglot and speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian.  She is proponent of graduates with Liberal Arts backgrounds in the tech community and is passionate about helping bring awareness to new graduates entering the workforce to consider a career in tech.
Stephanie currently works for Toronto start up, Flybits, as Global Business Development Director.

Ashalea Stone – Director of Marketing & PR

Ashalea StoneAshalea (Asha for short) has always loved marketing and strategy.  As a data-nerd, she loves creating long-term objectives and turning them into actionable and measurable plans. With over 10 years of experience, she has held many roles including those in CRM, Customer Experience, Campaign Management, Loyalty, Consulting, and Digital and Social Media.  She also has an MBA in Strategy from Wilfrid Laurier’s Lazaridis School of Business. 

Ashalea joined the Women’s Digital Network after she was voluntold by her friend (and WDN Director of Partnerships) Stephanie Papagni. After learning about the group she fell in love with the mission and joined the leadership team.  She sees a lot of potential for WDN to be a place where women support and empower one another to become digital leaders of tomorrow.

 Ashalea is currently working to create her own side-business and is a licenced yoga instructor.